Meet in the Middle

Christopher Robbins

Douglas Paulson

Learn more about Douglas and Christopher.

The Art Assignment begins! Join hosts Sarah Urist Green and John Green as they meet artists Douglas Paulson and Christopher Robbins and receive the first assignment of the series. We begin at Flux Factory in Long Island City, Queens, and follow Doug and Chris as they lead us on a journey to Meet in the Middle.


1. Pick a friend, and calculate the exact geographic midpoint between where the two of you live. You can use or other websites to calculate your midpoint, or even-gasp-use a paper map.

2. Decide on a date and a time to meet there, and don't communicate until then.

3. Document your experience. You can do this however you'd like, using photos, video, text, drawings, or anything else.

4. Upload your documentation and share it online using whatever social media platforms you prefer, being sure to tag it with #theartassignment so we can find it. Your response to the assignment may be included in a future episode!

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