The Art Assignment explores art and art history through the lens of the present.


By Paul R.

Our Mission

The Art Assignment is an educational video series that explores art and art history through the lens of the present. The series premiered in 2014 with episodes introducing you to emerging and established artists, each of whom share an assignment that relates to their approach to art. These episodes serve as open calls for makers across the globe, and thousands of artworks have been created and shared in response to the assignments. 

The series has since expanded and evolved, offering a wide range of content in an ongoing effort to demystify art and art history for broad audiences. Our Case For series makes arguments for the continued relevance of movements, artists, and types of art, including The Case for Minimalism and The Case for Yoko Ono. Through our Art Cooking series, we explore the life, work, and eating habits of Salvador Dali, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Andy Warhol, among others. With Art Trip, we bring along for the ride as we investigate the art offerings of locations as disparate as Venice, Italy, and Marfa, Texas. Other episodes delve into questions and criticisms that arise about art, such as I Could Do That, Art is Pretentious, Behind the Banksy Stunt, and Love the Art, Hate the Artist

Designed to be used in the classroom and also enjoyed independently, The Art Assignment works to demonstrate the diversity, accessibility, and relevance of art being made now and in the recent past. Celebrating risk-taking in the creative process, The Art Assignment exposes you to alternative approaches to art-making, now and throughout art history.

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The Art Assignment is a co-production of PBS Digital Studios and Complexly.

PBS Digital Studios develops shows dedicated to curious minds on the Internet. PBS has long brought the American public thought-provoking TV. PBS Digital Studios takes that same mission and apply it to the internet. Working with creators and producers from across the web, PBS Digital Studios showcase the best the internet has to offer, while celebrating the impact of public media. Their collection of original digital programming includes shows produced by PBS member stations as well as talent and producers from across the country. Learn more at

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Sarah Urist Green

The production team is led by creator, curator, and host Sarah Urist Green, former curator of contemporary art at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, where she curated the exhibitions Graphite and Andy Warhol Enterprises, among others, and commissioned installations by Spencer Finch, William Lamson, Ball-Nogues Studio, and Kate Gilmore. Sarah holds a master of arts in modern art history from Columbia University and a bachelor of arts from Northwestern University.

John Green

John Green is a host and co-creator of Crash Course. He is also the #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of Turtles All the Way Down, The Fault in Our Stars, Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns, and An Abundance of Katherines. With his brother, Hank, John is one half of the Vlogbrothers ( His favorite band is The Mountain Goats and his second favorite band is also The Mountain Goats.

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Mark Olsen

Mark is Director, Editor, and Master Drone Operator™ of The Art Assignment. He is also an Art Director and Motion Designer on a number of Complexly projects. When he’s not working, he’s likely drinking coffee or playing with his dog, Alex. Not both at the same time though, that’d be dangerous.


Brandon Brungard

Brandon Brungard is an editor and sound designer for The Art Assignment. Brandon also produces, shoots, and edits for Crash Course and The Brain Scoop channels on YouTube. Brandon studied engineering in college and likes to spend his time stressing out about the demise of video games due to touch screens. His other hobbies include hiking, not sleeping, and naming his pets after various types of pasta.

Ahsante Bean

Ahsante Bean is Associate Director of Programming at PBS Digital Studios, focusing on editorial and content development. She has a background in video production and currently creates videos on her personal YouTube channel as “Ahsante the Artist”. She holds a B.A. in Visual and Environmental Studies: Film/Video from Harvard University.


Adam Dylewski

Adam Dylewski is Director of Programming at PBS Digital Studios, a network of nearly 20 educational video series. Previously, Adam created Reactions, a PBS Digital Studios series highlighting the chemistry in everyday life. Adam has an MBA from George Mason University, and Bachelors of Science degrees in Genetics and Science Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Zulaiha Razak

Zulaiha Razak is Operations Manager of the Indy office of Complexly, and assists in many ways in the production of The Art Assignment. She is producer of the shows 100 Days and Ours Poetica, and wears many hats. Not literally. Zulaiha loves samosas, cats, and cheesy pop music.